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    Cheapest media PC to run Slingplayer (now that Slingcatcher is discontinued)?


      Hi all,


      I want to be able to view my DVR (which is in my family room, and currently connected to a Slingbox Solo) on my bedroom TV.  Unfortunately, the Slingcatcher is no longer available (and any old units cost way too much on resale sites like eBay!), so I would like to know if I can buy a cheap media PC that can run the Slingplayer software and connect to my plasma TV.  I'm not interested in building my own media PC, I just want to spend as little as possible to buy a device that can run Slingplayer and connect to my TV via HDMI, and that I can control using a wireless keyboard.  Hopefully something that will fall under the $200 price point.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I was looking at hacking an Apple TV to do this, but the instructions look old I'm not sure if it's outdated now:



      Thank you!