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    Get Slingbox ID and Remote Missing on another Solo

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      My Slingbox Solo on my home network was not responding. I tried all the suggestions here but to no avail. I am home now on my home network. I decideded to try installing from scratch as a new Slingbox. I copied all the ID, IP address and ports etc to a word file. Then I deleted the Slingbox from my list.


      I then started the installation. It asked for the ID. I put it in but it said I was 2 characters short. I have 30 characters which is all that were shown on the profile page.  How can I get back to the full ID? It looks like the last two digits are missing. Sling Media should make the ID box show the complete numbers not a partial list.


      I am stuck as all the help here stills seems to think the ID is listed on my profile. The Slingbox is not findable on my home network even though it has a LAN connection.


      In the US I have another Solo where the remote has disappeared. I have tried about 50 times going through the set up again but at the end after putting in the remote make and testing plus the TWC guide the set up system crashes and will not go back to live viewing.  The reset button has been pressed as suggested but still no remote. The system has worked well for 2 years but no it is very irritating to not have a remote.