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    can't connect to slingbox?




      Slingbox had been working fine until last night when I tried to watch.  I got the following error message:


      There's a problem communicating with your Slingbox. Make sure that the Network and Power lights are on, your router is set up correctly, and there are no firewalls blocking access.



      I haven't touched anything with the box, TV, or router since the last time I watched, and the lights are on.  The TV, box, and internet all are working fine at the location of the box, but I keep getting that message when I try to connect.


      Any thoughts?

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello curlingcraig,


          Try soft resetting the Slingbox.  There is a reset button on the back side of the Slingbox.  Press and release the button.  Do not hold the button in, just press and release it.


          Once the network light comes back on, try reconnecting again.


          If your home router issued your Slingbox a new IP address and the Slingbox did not receive this, this could cause your W200 error.  By doing this soft reset, the Slingbox will receive the new IP address and connect.


          Please let me know if this worked.


          Awaiting your response,



          Sling Media Moderation Team