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    M1 Limitations, WHY

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      The M1 has a 5GHz radio but, according to Sling Tech Support, you can't use it because it won"t be seen outside of your home network.

      I had a problem when I tried to access the M1 from another location, it was not shown on my list of Sling devices. I have four (4) different devices in three (3) different locations and the M1 was not in the list. I could not add it nor could I access it. I called Sling Tech Support and they told me to put it on the 2.4GHz radio because that was the only one that would work and show the M1 outside of my network.


      I was also surprised and disappointed to discover that the M1 could only be added to one Sling account unlike my Solo,Pro HD, Pro and Classic. I have several children and I liked to keep there accounts separate and not administrative. With the inability to add the M1 to those accounts I now have to give them my account user name and password in order to access the M1.