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    WD PLayer and Slingbox 500 drops connection


      I have a slingbox setup in Alberta, Canada.  My brother who is in the UAE is using it through a wd player with the sling app that came installed.  Started using it in November 2013 and worked pretty good except for a delay.  However this summer is started to drop connection often, every 5-10 minutes.

      fter looking into it I found that I possibly had to port forward the 50001 port.  I did this or so I think and it has not worked as the connection is still dropping.

      Is this a slingbox issue or a wd issue or do you think or did I not forward the port correctly?


      Thanks much.



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          callanish Apprentice

          Just for the record, it's port 5201 using port forwarding with the 500. What I've read is those that are running the relay protocol on the wdtv live ( a slingbox that isn't using port forwarding ) are seeing disconnection problems. Sounds like you don't have port forwarding correctly setup on your router. What I would do is before your brother's slingbox connection drops, ask him to press the b ( red ) button on the wdtv live. Check the connection stream protocol. If you've got port forwarding setup correctly, he'll see tcp lan. If not, you'll see relay. If what others are saying are true about disconnection problems on the wdtv live and you're seeing relay, then try port forwarding 5201 instead.