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    Only right audio working

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      I recently installed the Slingbox Pro HD and everything works fine except for the audio. I have all the Component and audio cables hooked up but when streaming it to my dorm room I can only hear audio coming from the right side of speakers and headphones. Is there a setting that I may have changed to have caused this or is there something I can do?

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          Hi,  have anyone at Slingbox ever replied to you?  I have the same problem.  Love the product and bought all 3 mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android) but only right audio worked when I plugged in my headphones or use my BlueTooth stereo headsets. Why is that??  My accessories worked just fine (audio L+R) when I play Music, or any other sources.  Called Slingbox Tech Support twice and they are pretty useless: kept saying they are not responsible for 3rd-Party accessories. As a Software guy, its pretty clear that their audio implementation somehow overlooked on latching stereo properly.  How else do you explain that I could hear both channels on EVERY other source.  SB if you are listening, please help!!!