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    Turning iPad off and on with existing stream




      I own both an iPad and Android Galaxy tablet and I've noticed a difference that I had a question about.


      For my iPad when I stream content to another TV in my house, it only remembers my existing connection as long as I don't turn off my iPad.  So, what that means, is that if I turn off my iPad and then turn it back on and go back to the Slinglbox app, slingbox no longer associates my existing session anymore and prompts me if I would like to disconnect it and start a new instance.  Now, with that said, I can still change channels but I do seem to get prompted a bit more for if I would like to start a new session.


      However for my Android tablet, I can turn the tablet off and back on and it remembers that I already have an existing session.  I don't get prompted that there is already an existing session and would I like to terminate it.


      So, my question is how do I get my iPad to "remember" that I already have an existing session like the Android tablet does?  Is there a setting for the app or even for the settings of the iPad to enable this?


      Thanks in advance for any help.