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    Gallery section for Android Tablets


      Hey, first let me say that I'm really enjoying my slingbox I got a little over a month ago.  The Google Chromecast change has really made a big difference in picture quality when I stream my cable to another TV in my house. 


      Anyway, I have both an iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet.  For the iPad, I've noticed that there is a nice Gallery section that will display All--Movies--Sports etc.  I love this feature as being able to browse for a highly rated movie or being able to get a complete listing of currently playing sports (along with scores) is so convenient.


      For the Samsung tablet (Android), there is only a Guide to browse through channels and no Gallery.  So, I was wondering if there might be any plans to implement this feature for the Android platform at some point?  I'm guessing the platform differences made it more difficult to implement versus the iPad.