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    Slingplayer won't work since update


      Slingplayer on all 3 of my PC's has stopped working, but it still works on my mobile devices.


      On all 3 computers, it successfully downloads the browser update, but then won't connect.  It just says "cannot connect to your slingbox".

      On all 3 computers, I've tried firefox, Chrome, and even explorer.  The same thing happens on all of them.

      Again, it works perfectly fine on my IPAD, and worked perfectly fine on all 3 of these computers just a few days ago.


      Any ideas on what the problem is or what I can do?

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          I feel your pain. I have had issues since the update as well. I can get mine to work on my PC, but suddenly I can't stream in HD and am getting a poor bitrate and low bandwidth when I shouldn't be.

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            Any Luck on fixing the problem?  I am in the same boat, sling player worked fine until the updates.. Now I am unable to connect and watch at all. Need Help..

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                Everything is working fine for me now, although I couldn't tell you why. After using chat support for a couple days straight (with no one seeming to know what the problem was), my issue was "elevated" to the next level and someone was supposed to call me for further assistance. Two days later, everything started working fine on its own and I never received a call. I am happy it is working now, but I hate when things just stop working for no reason and then correct themselves. I like knowing why things happen. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Hopefully your issue clears up soon. 

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                Same for me.  Also, on the new watch.slingbox.com page that you watch the sling box on, there is now an odd advertisement just below the menu bar.  It won't allow you to remove it in any way.  I think there has been a hack of some kind, see screen cap below.  My directory is now greyed out, even though I'm logged on.  Unable to watch anything. 


                The mobile apps work fine, both iPhone and iPad.



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                  I did my update, then when it reopens, it asks me to accept the terms and conditions, I do, then it goes to download new plug in, download, it reopens to accept terms AGAIN and when I do it goes right back to download AGAIN!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP    im not happy, my "hardware" is over a year old so support wont help, even though I have pointed out it is not MY ISSUE, I didn't ask for a new SOFTWARE update and that THIER update is what causing me problems!!!!!

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                    I have the same problem! iOS clients work great, but none of the desktop clients including web are working at all! What gives???