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    Roku + Android app - Frequent disconnects partially solved


      Like many Slingbox owners on this forum I had problems with frequent disconnects when using my Roku 3 and Android phone. In order to debug the problem I first eliminated any wifi issues by connecting both the Slingbox M1 and the Roku 3 using ethernet cables. No luck. The problem persisted. The next step was to configure the router connected to the Slingbox as detailed in this post   https://community.sling.com/message/107195#107195 (basically you are reserving a single ip address that the router will assign to your Slingbox based on its' MAC address. I also port forwarded 5301 with TCP and UDP). Bingo! That worked. I was able to get a rock solid connection with no disconnects. I could even turn my phone off and the Roku kept streaming uninterrupted.


      I then downloaded the Slingplayer app (phone version) onto my Nexus 7 tablet (you can download the app for free on different devices as long as they have the same Google account registered). Guess what. The problem came back. So now I have a situation where the phone app on a Android phone works perfectly, but the phone app on an Android tablet does not.


      Do I really have to buy the tablet version of the Slingplayer app in order to eliminate the disconnects?