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    Disparity between stream speed and line speed - Slingbox 350

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      Hi folks, I've just set up a Slingbox 350 on a strong Verizon Fios(40+Mbps down, 20+Mbps up) link in MA; a buddy is using the Boxee Slingplayer v1.3 client (Ethernet cabled) connecting from a CenturyLink connection in FL (speedtest shows at 5.75Mbps down, 0.5 up). I tested it the Boxee at my place beforehand to the 350 and it was coming in at very healthy 8Mbps+ stream....albeit on the same Fios neighborhood.


      However, the same Boxee now in FL is streaming steady at 600Kbps and won't go higher than 700Kbps.   Waiting to confirm the CenturyLink line package, but it seems to be a 7Mbps down at least. I've seen some threads here and there talking about possible stream throttling for Netflix - but don't see anything specific on a Slingbox experience.


      Anyone any thoughts on why not able to get a better stream rate?  Thanks.