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    my slingbox 350 have low quality audio


      a few days ago, my slingbox 350 have low quality audio.

      I tried to reset 350 but It's not getting better. bandwith is always excellent, about 8000kbps

      sound is cut a little bit and audio quality is low somtime and volume is unstable.

      bypass audio is very good.

      what is problem on 350 ? can I find solution by myself?


      sample video 1: Dropbox - sling350.mkv

      sample video 2: Dropbox - sling350_2.mkv

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          cody.sling Novice

          Howdy Brown Tom,


          It's unfortunate that you are having issues with the  audio quality on the Slingbox. There are numerous reasons as to why you are receiving poor audio quality. There could be bad audio cables, ports could be going bad etc. Before we can determine what the issue, some troubleshooting needs to be done.


          1. Change the audio cables connected from the set top box to the Slingbox.

          2. Connect the audio cables from the set top box to the TV directly to check the audio quality.

          3. If you have the option, optimize your audio inside the set top box settings itself.


          If at any point you receive audio, I suggest to not continue with the other steps.


          Hope this helps,



          Sling Media Moderation Team