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    SlingPlayer for Android Feature Requests Thread


      I've been waiting for months for this app to be available, and installed it on my Evo as soon as I got the news.  After playing around with it and reading the forums, here's a short list of features I'd like to see added/changed/fixed.  Please feel free to add your own below. 


      Oh, and if possible, can we not turn this into another "Why do I have to buy the player again" thread?


      1. HDMI Output.  The Evo's got it, and plenty of other Android devices that are either out now or soon will be will also have HDMI output.
      2. Audio Only mode.  SlingPlayer for other platforms supports it, and this would be a welcome addition for streaming music, etc. from home.
      3. Bandwidth/quality settings.  Optimization is nice, but sometimes I might want to force lower resolution or crazy-high HD over WiFi (I know HD might not be available to stream to the Evo given it's specs, but I can dream right?)  Anyway, if HDMI output is added, 320x240 or whatever won't go far in that setup.
      4. Swipe for direction controls.  When connected to the TiVo, most of the interface can be navigated with the arrows.  It would be great to swipe left, right, up, down, and tap for select.  Long-tap could still bring up the buttons/menus like a short tap does now.
      5. Full-Screen/zoom view.  This is not a big deal for me, but Widescreen and anamorphic widescreen modes don't fill the screen.  Maybe an option to zoom in and crop the edge a little bit to fill the whole screen?
      6. Playing in the background.  When I press the home key, the SlingPlayer disconnects rather than continue playing.  This may be a feature rather than a bug, but the request would be to continue playing even while I check my email or perform some other immediate task.