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    Great on windows, but terrible on Android/Roku/Chromecast


      I have a new Slingbox M1 set up at home. Trying to play in my daughters home. The quality is really great when playing on my laptop (Windows 7), using wifi. The bitrate is consistent at around 1820 kbps. What we really want to do though is play it on the TV using Roku (and Chromecast), with an Android phone. The Roku has a hardwired Ethernet connection to the router. Problem is that it is pretty much unusable when doing this - very choppy, keeps stopping and buffering, bitrate on phone is about 320 kbps. When using Roku it will usually give up and say "error connecting to internet" (or something like that) after a few minutes and have to reconnect. Amy idea whats up? Cant be internet or wifi I would think since it is really good on the laptop.