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    Aspect control


      First, let me say: nice job! That's my initial reaction to the player on Android. It seems to be working quite well even with my Slingbox classic though it is not officially supported.


      One thing that would be nice however: Because of the outputs on my Scientific Atlanta 8300HD (and the sloppy way they implemented HDCP) I have to use the S-Video out for my slingbox. As stated above, I have a Sling Classic, so it doesn't have HD capability, but even if I had a Solo, I'd still be stuck with the S-Video port.


      When I watch HD channels through an SD port on the SA 8300, it just letterboxes the output to a 4:3 window. The display is fine; I can see everything. Now, when I watch those channels in Slingplayer, it sees a 4:3 output and pillarboxes it resulting in a full borderbox (?).


      Could you please add another option in the Aspects menu for zoom in such as the one in the desktop client? Actually, it would be nice if ALL the options (there are only 5 or 6) were available in the mobile client.



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          eferz Expert

          I also have the Scientific Atlanta 8300, and you can change the output aspect of the set-top box with the "#" key.  You can use that in conjunction with the aspect of the Slingplayer Mobile to fine tune your viewing experience.  I find that you get better results by letting the set-top box change the aspect instead of the Slingbox.