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    Can't control Solo using Slingbox ID with SlingPlayer 2.0

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      I have a Slingbox Solo that I generally connect to remotely (over the Internet) using stand alone SlingPlayer V2.0 on a PC.  If SlingPlayer is set up to use the Slingbox ID then I can connect to the Solo and see the video but I can no longer control it - I don't just mean remote control the connected AV device(s) but control the Solo itself. e.g. changing the source as well as the remote commands no longer work.   However, if I set up SlingPlayer 2.0 to use the Slingbox's router IP address and port then it works.  If I use SlingPlayer V1.5 then it works with either the ID or the IP address.

      Watch on slingbox.com and the Facebook app both work.

      The V2.0 set up, using the ID, has worked OK for years and as far as I know nothing has changed.  The Solo is on a fixed LAN IP address with a fixed port and the router has port forwarding set up as it always had.

      Has anyone any ideas as to why V2.0 using the Slingbox ID has stopped working?