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    Dear Sling - Thanks for the Fun - But It's Over..

    Maxcats Novice

      Well today is a sad day. It's the day I turn off my Slingbox and concede defeat.


      I have had a Slingbox Pro (red), Pro-HD and briefly used a 350. I have enjoyed them all.


      But it's time to say the issues have got in  the way of the enjoyment. I can't remove the ads from the web player and I can't go up the food-chain to the M1 because it doesn't do WD TV and the 500 has the additional features now removed.


      I could get a 350, but that means I'm stuck with the ads which have ruined the viewing experience. Using my Pro-HD on mobile has weird echo noises reported here for more than 4 years.


      Sadly, each device has major issues - some of them recently added.


      So all I can do is remove the frustration and think about what might have been.


      So my Pro-HD is going to be used with a WD TV only and given away as a gift to family.


      I loved you Sling - but you didn't love me enough back to fix the simple things that went wrong.

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Have you tried using the Web Player in full screen mode? That removes ads from view. Is that an option for you?


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              Maxcats Novice

              Yes I have and the image gets skewed. In fairness to Sling I am still on XP.

              The picture attached to my post above shows the way it is displayed.


              I have genuinely loved my Sling. No other device has changed my life as much. But the frustration now is just getting in the way. Remove the ads and my Pro-HD stays even with the echo on mobile devices.


              But add all of the minor quibbles together and it ads up to a frustrating ride.

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                AndyK Newbie

                We shouldn't be seeing adverts FULL STOP !


                We pay more than enough for the hardware and phone/tablet apps, there is no need to fund Sling media even more by paid adverts.

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                    Maxcats Novice

                    Yeah the ads were the deal breaker. Combine that with the ongoing echo issues on mobile devices with my Pro-HD and it was time to 'regroup'.


                    The ads are SO intrusive they ruin a great viewing experience.I loved my Pro-HD - but the experience was in decline, so I'm using equipment with no ads and no echo.


                    Hear us Sling - it's a great device. But you need to fix the issues and listen to your customers. We care about your product - we are enthusiasts for it. But please hear us - and fix the issues that are getting in the way.

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                        Maxcats Novice

                        I gave up on Slingbox in October last year.


                        I returned to it as a tablet App only device on a 350 - but no web player. The ads got in the way even then.


                        All other desktop streaming has been done by Vulkano/Belkin units. I haven't streamed anything since using Slingbox.


                        Here's the issue: The Marketing Team don't appear to understand their product or customer base. Slingbox is a niche product - it won't sell on brand value - it sells on customers becoming advocates and 'word-of-mouth' will be a key element in sales.


                        Customer and professional reviews will also be useful - but the backlash in both camps has already begun.


                        As the basic contract between Sling and customer has now been broken with users duped into an upgrade with 'Bug Fixes' used as the lever to put more ads into view, Sling owes both an apology for the deliberate misrepresentation of what the recent upgrade was designed to do, and further needs to state on all current and future sales and packaging and customer advice that advertisements will be used despite the products and Apps being purchased by the owner.


                        When you consider the major Sling TV balls up with reduced functions on the 500 and confused branding with Sling TV, you have to ask what is going on with such major marketing gaffs.


                        If I was Sling I would sack the marketing team.


                        The backlash on Facebook/Twitter has yet to gather momentum and the way this has been implemented and communicated represents being among the worst examples of marketing and PR for a high profile broadcasting company I have ever seen.


                        Once the scenes of smashed and discarded Slingboxes make their way to Youtube it's over for the Slingbox brand. Once former advocates become customer enemies, it is a long way back to goodwill.


                        All of this was self inflicted. Had Sling said here to its customers that we can't make ends meet - it's either limited advertising or we close - it is likely we would have bought it and said 'OK' something is better than nothing.


                        But the manner in which this has been communicated is as offensive as the adverts themselves.


                        Thanks for the fun Sling - I have seldom enjoyed a device as much as Slingbox, but it's over and I speak for many who have lost faith in both the product and your company.

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                            alanrichey42 Master



                            I agree 100% with your sentiments.  An appalling decision to put adverts in and reflects incredibly badly on the Company.   I was actually considering withdrawing my support for Sling Media and not produce any more Custom Remotes (over 1000 to date) and force them to have to do it themselves.  Unfortunately I don't think they would step up to the plate, so that would just penalise the users who are unlucky enough to have unsupported boxes.


                            So I will carry on, but will also continue to express my displeasure at the actions from the Company.