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    directv remote problem

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      I have directv;  receiver is HR23-600;  after 2 weeks of trying different combinations, the remote for HR23-700 now allows me to change channels.  But still no audio.  I can get audio on my computer from an internet page, but not with slingbox.   Any one with ideas?



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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello amillermd,


          How is the Slingbox connected to the DirecTV box?


          If you are using Component cables, make sure you are using the Red, Blue, and Green video cables as well as the Red and White audio cables.  Have a look at the image below to help connect the cables correctly:




          Hope this helps!!!



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              I repositioned the sling IR blaster.  Mine is a small pyramid shape

              device.  I had it taped directly to the receiver site.   I repositioned

              it so that there is a 1 cm gap between the receiver and the IR

              blaster---now every thing works.   thanks for the help.