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    Aspect ratio changes (incorrectly) while using Airplay


      I see some mentions of users not able to get the proper aspect ratio when streaming to their TV sets via AppleTV and Airplay, but this one does not seem to have been brought up...


      I just upgraded to a Sling M1. Latest iOS 8, latest Apple TV update, latest Slingplayer app, latest firmware just installed on the M1 out of the box. Using the component cables to attach my DVR.


      Works fine streaming to my iPad and the aspect ratio is good. If I send it to the Apple TV via Airplay it's good for about 30-60 seconds or so and then something forces the 16:9 aspect to squeeze down to put black bars on the top and bottom... as if it's taking the whole iPad screen size and squeezing it into the 16:9 screen. This happens if I'm in Auto or 16:9 in the iPad apps settings.


      Anyone else have this issue or know a solution? Truly makes watching on a TV set unacceptable.