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    Best streaming device to watch sling on?


      Hi guys,


      I recently set up a Slingbox 350 and now I want to watch the content on upstairs tv, I'm wondering what's the best way to go about doing that - from browsing these forums, it seems that pretty much most of the so-called connected devices have problems of some nature... so I'm wondering from the group of Netgear NeoTV, WD Live or Sony GS7 streamers, what's the best one to watch on? which one's the worst?  I would prefer to use the included remote control for switching the channels if that's possible.  Don't need anything fancy, as long as it's reliable.  I know some say those slingcatcher devices are the best case scenario but they're rather pricey it seems.


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can give a newbie like myself.

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          I can't tell you which is best, but I have used the android apps (I have the tablet and phone version), a wdtv and a boxee box. The android apps work pretty well, even when connecting my phone to the tv via mhl. It makes for a nice portable solution when on vacation etc. The wdtv works ok.  It takes forever to stop when I press the home button to go back to the wdtv's main menu. It also takes a while to load and has a tendency to disconnect, something I attribute to the wdtv's wifi antenna and not the slingbox app itself. The other thing that also bugs me about the wdtv, is that it will start to develop an audio synch lag after a while. I usually just unplug it and restart it and the lag is gone, but it is annoying nonetheless. The boxee box has a weird audio issue that gives the audio a muffled sound. In short, both of the media player I have used leave a lot to be desired. If I were to buy another media player, I might look into an android box and just use the android app, as it runs pretty well on my mobile devices.