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    Unable to set up proxy to speed up connection


      I phoned slingbox "customer support" while under warranty in an attempt to speed up my connection - 25Mb up and 60Mb down dedicated line, BUT slingbox pulls MAX 2.5M 640 x 480. Ping of about 140 ms round trip, so I assume I should be able to get better.  Slingbox "customer support" blew smoke up my *** that it works fine for them and I didn't pursue it further for a few months.  Now NFL season again and I want to get it fixed. Slingbox refuses to even talk to me unless I pay them $30 up front, even though issue was flagged in warranty period - HORRIBLE customer service, but that's another story.


      Attempting to use Trusted Proxies, as I see that has worked for some, but setting up customer streaming proxy has no effect at all - stream does not even interrupt, so I believe the proxy settings are not actually changing from Slingplay for web app.


      Can anyone help?  This is extremely frustrating!  I'm paying a big premium on both sides for internet just to get the streaming working, but to no avail. Slingbox support is beyond useless.