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    Slingbox Solo Not Discoverable (error W200)

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      My Slingbox Solo has two solid lights, but is not discoverable on my network either from home or remotely.  I get error W200 on Slingbox Watch.

      I can't even check the settings, or confirm that internet viewing is still enabled because the box is not discoverable.

      Symbi advises that I have a double NAT situation but I only have one router on my network: Arris TM602G (modem only) --> Dlink DHP1320 router (via ethernet cable to Internet port) --> Dlink 500AV  (via powerline network) --> Slingbox Solo (via ethernet cable).  I've entered the setup for the modem to confirm it's not a router and doesn't have the option to set in bridge mode or configure DMZ.

      Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.