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    How do you click and hold a button remotely?

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      So I want to remotely set a DVR But when I bring up SlingPlayer and click DVR menu and navigate to the "set new recording" selection, everything is great but charter brings up the current time.

      If I am sitting in my house, I click and hold on the right arrow button (to the right of the select button) and it fast forwards through the time selection.

      Remotely, I have to click for every single minute and cannot figure out how to get it to 'Fast Forward' (even if I 'hold' the virtual button down it only records one click).

      If it's 9pm and I want to record a noon show, that would require 560 clicks - and while I know that is only 9 minuets, it is really annoying.  a 12 hour difference would take me 12 minutes.  God forbid it's 6pm and I go the wrong direction...

      Any solutions?