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    Options to Hardwire IR Slingbox350


      I have Slingbox350 in same location as a number of Verizon FIOS cable boxes.  The darn IR blaster is so strong that it changes the channels on all the Verizon FIOS boxes (I suppose this is a good thing!).    I would like circumvent the IR blaster entirely and instead hardwire the IR from the Slingbox350 to the back of the Verizon Fios box via direct connection .   Using an 3/32 to 1/8 adapter from Radioshack I was able to connect a wire from Slingbox IR port to Verizon IR port .  This did not work.  Can anyone suggest how I can direct connect Slingbox350 IR port to Verizon FIoS IR port.  Thank you in advance