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    Android Update 2014: The Echo Noise Has Gone!

    Maxcats Novice

      I was within 24 hours of giving my Pro-HD away to a friend to use as a desktop player and WD TV streamer. It was simply unusable on iPhone or iPad/Android because of the distorted audio.


      Today for the first time since I bought it, I can use the App without cringing and turning it off because of the tinkling echo which has been a reported problem here for more than 4 years.


      It is still there slightly, but I get something similar on my other streaming devices.


      For the most part, the Pro-HD works well for the first time on my Sony Experia tablet - thank you Sling.


      The new App (Chromecast version) looks great and while there is more work to come to rid the audio echo totally, my Pro-HD is working better for the upgrade.


      Pro-HD users, I'm interested in others' audio experience who have had the tinny echo.