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    Can't Reply on Forums...


      Ok guys I'm having a lot of problems here.  Right now, I can't reply to any posts on the forums.  I can create them, but not reply, not even my own threads.


      Case in point:



      I've tried signing in/out, using different browsers, looking it up, restarting my computer, pretty much anything I could think of.  You can see where this would be frustrating, since I already have other problems I'm trying to fix.


      Anyone know what this problem is?  I Googled the first part, just to see what would come up, Your content could not be saved due to an error... | T-Mobile Support, was the first thing and it said it was due to a long title, or inappropriate content or something, but all my posts were short and defiantly nothing wrong with them.  I try replying in multiple threads as well, none work.


      This site Why can't I post replies? | DIRECTV Technical Forums, said it might have something to do with new forum software, and the old accounts must be transferred over, or reauthorized... but I literally just remade this account today for that very reason... and it still is giving me this error.


      I don't know guys, I don't know what else to try here, any advice at all would be appreciated.