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    Is your Slingbox breaking up and disconnecting?

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      I have been a Slingbox user for over 10 years.  I presently have a 500 HD Pro and didn't have any problems until last weekend, Sept 28 2014 while trying to watch first the Raiders NFL game and the the 49ers.  It would work for awhile and then cut in and out, disconnecting finally requiring me to reconnect.  I was unable to watch the entire 2nd half of the 49er game and I'm not very happy.


      But the weird thing is, as soon as the game was over, it connected perfectly for the Post Game Show.  Why, what, how come?  I have an ATT DSL connection and had ATT troubleshoot the line on Sunday.  They couldn't find any problems.  Do too many Slingbox users mess up the system?


      I called Sales today to see if I had to purchase some kind of upgrade to make it work.  They said no and connected me to Support who for $29.95 would troubleshoot my Slingbox - but it doesn't need troubleshooting since it normally works fine.  I have sung the praises of Slingbox for many years, but I'm about to start complaining on Social media venues.


      Anyone else having as much fun as I am?


      Ron Denman