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    Sling Solo - choppy, slow and disconnecting


      Hi Everyone, my first post here,


      I am having a problem with choppy and intermittent video on my Sling Solo over WAN.


      Here is my setup:


      Streaming from Location A (Europe) > Sling Solo (latest firmware) > WAN upload speed - 25Mbps+ (MTU 1500). Sling Solo is hard wired to Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite and Fiber Optical Modem.

      Watching on Location B (US) > either watching on Slingbox - http://newwatch.slingbox.com/ , Slingplayer PC app or Netgear NeoTV300sl > WAN download speed 50Mbps > Hard wired to Gigabit ethernet router and Cable modem.


      * Is there any way to improve my connection from Slingbox itself? Connections seem to be more than is needed on both sides.

      * Would newer Slingbox models give better experience over Slingbox Solo? I mean, would newer Slingboxes eliminate dropping frames and intermittent video?

      * Sometimes no video is shown at all and remote control takes forever. Any suggestion about that?


      I tried lowering bitrate on Slingbox PC app, but that does not help much either...


      Attached is a Speedtest result, where "download speed" is from location A to Location B, where the speed is above 30Mbps, but Ping is very high 186ms (which is usually like this); Can latency be the main problem in this scenario?