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    Freebox revolution and/et Slingbox Pro HD; IR605q?

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      We have a new Freebox Revolution wating to be picked up to replace the old Freebox HD. Several problems appear if one wishes to (as we do) to continue using the Slingbox Pro HD and we hesitate to pick it up as it is impossible to go back to the previous verison afterwards.


      1. connections: the revolution has no RCA (sVideo) outputs. This can be solved by a peritel/sVideo adpapter, cheap.

      2. control: the revolution's remote is RF and so no slingbox seems to work as they are infrared. I say "seems" since I found several mentions of RF capabilities of the slingbox pro hd on the web, but nothing precise enough. I continue to believe ot only works in IR.


      Possible solution: IR605q usb/IR dongle. People who use Logitec Harmony seem to be happy with it. The question is, will it work with slingbox? All I ask is that I can use the old on-screen remote in slingbox to control the new one (on/off, channel selection, volume, recorder controls).


      Does anyone have any experience with any of the above?


      One other solution - but I do not have enough information to know if it is feasible - would be a remote connection to the freebox revolution server; it seems that one can watch TV anywhere on the home network created with the revolution, so if one could get on it from, say Alaska, all would be well. Any comments?




      ps. do any of the new versions of the slingbox support RF controls?