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    Inserting a Legacy Slingbox into DirecTV Mini Setup

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      Would appreciate help setting up a legacy Slingbox into an existing DirecTV Genie (Mini).  The Mini is connected directly to an HD TV via an HDMI cable.

        I connected an A/V cable from the only other A/V out port on the Mini to the Slingbox Component inputs.  But when I try to run the Slingbox setup program, the Slingbox gives me an error message something to the effect "No Video Source Detected.  It appears the Mini will not output to the HDMI port (connected to the TV) and the A/V port (connected to the Slingbox) at the same time. Am I missing something on setting up the Slingbox correctly?  Or is there a work around where I can turn both output port on the Mini on simultaneously?


          Thank you, Dave H., Heikkinen_D@yahoo.com