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    Can't find the slingplayer app in Boxee box

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      Hi all,


      I've been using Slingbox for a while. I have both a Slingbox pro head and a Slingbox 500. I was using my WD TV but it stopped working and I was looking for something more reliable. The WD TV kept disconnecting. I tried the Sony NSZGS7R2 but I can not get the sling player app in Canada (not lightbox app) I also tried unsuccessfully to update the firmware to US. I brought the Sony set-top box back and went to get the D-Link Boxee box. I opened it and didn't find the Sling player app. I went on the internet although it's discontinued and they do not make any more updates people still say it's working for them.   I also use a ChromeCast since Sling is now castable, but still the quality is not as good.  I open it in my Samsung Note2 phone and try to cast it and, like I said, the quality is not very good, plus it disconnects often.


      The only set-top box I didn't try is the Netgear NeoTV, and slingcatcher but can't find it anywhere.  I just want to play my slingbox on my TV without having a computer connected to it.   I'm pretty sure i can get the boxee box to work, but don't know how.


      Any help is apreciated.