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    SlingBox 350 with MySky HDi in NZ setup guide


      It took me a bit of searching to find the right configuration to get my SlingBox 350 working with MySky HDi in New Zealand so I thought I would post some instructions for anyone else wanting to do this.


      1. Download this custom remote, this is for the MySky HDi New Zealand (Pace TDS850NNZ) https://community.sling.com/message/83897#83897
      2. Extract the files from the Zip to a folder on your HDD (i.e. C:\TEMP\SlingBox\) - the Slingbox Player for Windows says it is not compatible with the SlingBox 350 so the instructions in the custom remote zip can't be followed
      3. Install Google Chrome (other browsers may work but this is what I used on Windows 8.1)
      4. Follow the SingBox Quick Start Guide for your new SlingBox 350 - browse from Chrome to http://www.slingbox.com/getstarted
      5. Select the Country as Australia
      6. Choose Component as the Input
      7. Choose Pick (not Search) on the Choose Device screen
      8. From Select Device Type click Satellite
      9. From Select Manufacturer click Sky
      10. From the Select Model click Custom, Click Next
      11. From the Setup Remote (Advanced) screen enter the path to the S1175_PL.bin file extracted from the Zip file previously, Click Test (C:\TEMP\Slingbox\S1175_PL.bin), The virtual remote will appear, try the buttons and it should be controlling your MySky HDi
      12. Click Next - Setup Complete