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    cannot connect to slingbox after router upgrade

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      Hello all,


      I have a slingbox solo connected to our Dish receiver.  All was working fine until Friday when I swapped out our wifi router for a new model.  Now I can't connect to slingbox either locally or remotely.  I get a "slingbox is not currently accessible" message.  The new router is a TP-Link N600 Wireless Dual Band.  The slingbox is plugged into the router using an ethernet cable.  We made no other changes to our network besides changing to the new router.  Other devices are able to connect to the internet via the new router (Wifi and plugged in). 


      I have already checked the router settings as suggested in the slingbox-provided help message.  NAT and hardware NAT status are both 'enabled.'  UPnP status is 'enabled.'  I don't have a clue what either of those actually is but... they're enabled.  I also switched SPI Firewall to 'disabled' to see what happened and that did not help. 


      Any other ideas?