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    Fan Just Starting Running Full Time and Now Can't Change Channels

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      I have had over a year of good performance with my Slingbox, despite my pitiful 1.5Mps speed at my remote site.

      Just recently, within the last week, I noted a new sound in my computer room.  I isolated the sound and found that it was coming from my Slingbox--have never heard anything from it before.  The fan in the Sling box now runs almost constantly.  The sling box is, and always has been, sitting on top of my cable box.

      Secondly, about the same time, at my remote site I can not change channels or activate any function on the cable box.  I tired this with both  my NeoTV and my Slingbox app on my iPad.  I can only watch the current channel.  When I got home, I rebooted the cable box and the Slingbox--still can't change the channel from my iPad.

      The only think I have changed in my system is I updated the key on my router.  However, I reset all my devices, including the Slingbox with the new password.  Given it streams the current channel, I am assuming the router is working fine with the SlingBox.

      Is  my box failing?  What is the expected life of these machines?

      Thank you.