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    Slingplayer App on Smart TV or DVD Players?

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      Are there any smart tvs or dvd players that have the Slingplayer app?  I'm looking to use my tv to access my SlingBox but not sure who supports the app.  My current tv and dvd player don't have the app and won't let me use the internet to access the webplayer.

      Thanks for all your help!


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          I too am waiting for the app to be added to my Sony Blu-Ray player.  The app does not support the miracast technology that would allow streaming from my android phone to the blu-ray.  It would be great if the app developers would allow video streaming in any way possible.  I had to purchase a Chromecast to allow streaming (an additional $35 cost) and it constantly times out.  Not happy with the Slingbox.  They advertise that you can view the contents of your home TV receiver, but they make it difficult to stream the contents to a remote TV.