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    Android Documentation


      Is there any documentation on using the controls on the Android Mobile Player? (Loving it immensely so far!!!)

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          I called Tech support and they are clueless. I can not believe a produce was released without Docs. Is this the way Sling operates, in the dark?

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            Hi, JoshuaT and all.


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            This link will provide you with all the available documentation for the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the Android Mobile devices. Just make sure to check out all the information.


            The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team.

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                I tried the link and there is no documentation for Sling Mobile

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                    Thank you for the link (I have seen this info before) but it is only for  troubleshooting information and some FAQ's. It is not in any shape or form aUser Guide. Wha I'm looking for is something that will describe all the user controls on the client. There are controls that aren't even visible. I discovered one by accident (swiping upward while watching TV will change the channel up and swiping down will change the channel down) Without a USer Guide, how would one know about these controls? I can undersatnd that while in beta, a manual might not be ready/released but when being sold as a final product there is no reason that a User Guide should not be included/available.

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                  Hi all - the documentation is in the form of the online Help pages included with this version of SlingPlayer. Help must be accessed when SPM is disconnected and in the Directory or "Disconnected page". The "Disconnected page" looks like this:


                  From there, tapping the Menu button on the Android device brings up this page, where you may select either Settings or Help:


                  Additionally (and, yes, I know many of you have seen this link already) check here for more SlingPlayer Mobile for Android help and troubleshooting:


                  SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Support


                  Hope that helps!

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