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    Xfinity x1 Box Wake Up?

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      I am a huge Slingbox fan and recently upgraded to the Xfinity X1.  I have my slingbox hooked up via HDMI to an X1 Companion Box and everything works fine.   However, when I am gone for a day or so the signal between the box and TV seems to be lost - I get an "Unable to play video" message on SlingPlayer and have to physically turn the TV on, then everything works.   Very odd, seems like an Xfinity set top box issue?

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          I have no idea if this will help you but since I came here looking for help, didn't find any and stumbled on to something I thought I would share.


          I have an X1 and hooked the box into my TV with an HDMI cable.  I hooked the slingbox up through the five RCA setup.  I noticed the box worked fine when the TV was on.  When it went off, I got the UNABLE TO PLAY VIDEO message.


          So I figured I would pull the HDMI plug from the X1 box and see what happens.  Well, the second I did that, the UNABLE message went away and the Slingbox worked.


          I just did it, but it streamed fine for 10 minutes.  Give that a shot.