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    Chromecast loses connection frequently


      Number One reason for getting the M1 instead of just continuing to use my SOLO which works perfectly fine... was because it has Chromecast support.  Kinda of silly since casting to a Chromecast would be done by the app, not the box.


      Using it was very simple... is IS the same android app, but all of a sudden the Chromecast icon shows up on it now.


      The problem, the connection keeps disconnecting.   One minute the pictures on the Chromecast, and then it acts like it lost the signal.  The only way to get it back is to restart the app.


      Use Chromecast a lot, and this is not an issue with few seldom exceptions.


      Hoping there will be a firmware update that corrects this and other control issues.  Using the remote on the device is sluggish and not nearly as accurate as on the SOLO which works very well.