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    M1 slingplayer android app to Chrome os via ARChon Custom Runtime?



      Trying to get slingplayer to work on chrome os. ARChon custom runtime allows android apps to run in Chrome or Chrome os. I got the slingplayer android app to work on chrome (yay!). The problem is that the app won't validate at the play store, so it won't log me in and allow me to run the app. I assume this is because the app (bought on google play store) was first installed on my tablet. So, when I try to run the app through Chrome, the app is not recognized to be on my tablet, so it is not validating. I have already tried to uninstall the app on my tablet, then reinstall it in Chrome only, but it still will not validate. Any ideas on how to validate when I try to run the andriod app in Chrome? I paid for the box. I paid for the android tablet player AND the phone slingplayer. I understand the M1 is an inexpensive version, so it is "crippled" by design not to support running in a browser. I know there is an desktop app for Windows and OS X. However, no desktop app for Chrome os or Linux. So, because of my laptop OS choice, I have no official options that allow other M1 owners to sling to their laptops. If there is no way this can be worked around, then I hope slingbox will consider pushing out an update to the M1 to allow users to purchase the ability to run the M1 in a browser, so the ability to run slingbox on a laptop is truly cross platform (Linux and Chrome os, too).

      That said, if I could just figure out how to get the android app validated while running in Chrome, that would be the fastest solution. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Frank