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    Another Slingbox bites the dust

    adriankorsner Newbie
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      A couple of years ago my red slingbox packed up. Tried to get it fixed but it would have cost more than a new one if I could have found someone.

      I bit the bullett and bought a new HD Pro. It doesn't get much use except when I'm away as I was two weeks ago. Tried to log on but couldn't.

      Now I'm home after no TV for a fortnight and I find that it won't connect to the internet. LED just flashes and won't go solid.

      Seems that another machine has just broken. Once is luck, twice could be co-incidence. Should I try a third machine to prove that Slingboxes become expensive door stops after just two years (or six weeks of use.)?

      I've never had any joy in contacting Sling when I've had problems and the charge levied for phone assistance says a lot for Slings customer service.

      I bought a Belkin @TV for £40 from Amazon and it works absolutely fine. I don't think I'll spend the £200 plus for the Slingbox Pro-HD or the £130 for the slingbox 350 which looks to be the equivalent of the Belkin.

      I really regret the Slingbox purchases and even more the three lots of software I bought to watch on my Ipad, Phone and Nexus.

      Sadly although it works OK its planned obsolence makes Slingbox a poor purchase and a nonsense now that they have sensibly priced competition.

      Anyone else had similar problems? Is it deliberate, poor quality or am I just unlucky?

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          callanish Apprentice

          Power supply is the first thing I've replaced when my LED started flashing and wouldn't go solid. It fixed the problem, but I'm now on my third power supply and those were directly purchased from Sling, so these things aren't designed to last. It's at least the cheapest component to replace to see if it solves the problem rather than replacing the entire slingbox. The third party power supply's that I've came across have been a hit and a miss, that's why I went directly to slingbox, but the costs of getting it from slingmedia and the fact that the last one only lasted 1 year and a half has made me wonder why sling keeps dealing with the same crappy suppliers of power supply's that are prone to fail prematurely.


          Frankly, if you're getting what you need out of the belkin and it does what you need it to do, then move on. If I went out and purchased a third slingbox and it also failed on me at some point, I'd be kicking myself that I gave a company three times to get it right on products that have short shelf lives. Power supply costs, I can deal with. An entire slingbox replacement in a short period of time.....not so much so. Yes, electronics are prone to fail at some point, but if you've found an alternative that's cheap and if it does fail, you've only paid what you paid for the belkin. Knowing that alone would keep me sane. . A third failed slingbox would just irritate the h ell out out of you and not getting any help from customer service once again at sling would only add to the stress. Choose the less expensive, less stressful path. That's my opinion for what it's worth.

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            adriankorsner Newbie

            You are so right Lee. My sentiments exactly. The Belkin has no tuner and the software has idiosyncrasies which you need your thinking cap on to sort. Once done, it seems to be working well. A big plus is that whilst you do have to pay for software for an Android phone, Pc and the Android tablet software is free and so is the ipad software. With slingbox the Pc software is free only and you have to pay for all the others. (another illogical annoyance)