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    should audio and video be in sync?

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      i'm a new user, and terribly disappointed.  i've checked all my connections, internet, followed the instructions, etc., and the adio and video are so far off i can't watch anything.

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          I have the same issue.  I have tried everything even the factory reset but the audio is so off that I can't watch my slingbox 500 anymore .

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              hi Mike,  I spoke with the folks at slingbox.  they had me adjust the quality down.  (there's a small gear looking button near the bottom left of the window when watching).  essentially, they told me the quality of the wifi signal at my hotel wasn't very good, and that was why it wasn't working well.

              they also told me that the hotel internet speeds I was getting, 4Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, needed to be divided amongst all the users at the hotel.   This still makes absolutely no sense to me.  they were the actual speeds I was getting individually with the other guests using at the same time.  I'm not a tech guy, so I'm not sure if they're right or not.

              in any case, by adjusting the quality down to minimum, I was able to get the video and the audio to sync.  the video quality was terrible.

              bottom line, I'm not terribly happy with my slingbox purchase.  I'd probably return if I still could.

              here are two customer support contact numbers:  800-313-4274 and 1800-go-sling.  I had better luck using the first number, though there is a default message telling you your 1 year warranty had expired.  I knew I was still under warranty, so I ignored the warning.