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    Streaming inside the house: Is AppleTV or Chromecast better?

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      I have an M1 connected to a TV/Cable box in an upstairs bedroom.  I have a 24 in. HDTV in my kitchen.  Unfortunatelly there is no cable outlets.  No big, I'll just stream to it.


      I have both Apple TV (3rd gen - 1080P) and a new Chromecast dongle.  I believe I read that when you select the Apple TV to play to from the iPhone Sling app that the phone is somehow still involved in the loop.  It doesn't "hand off" the stream directly between the M1 and the Apple TV device.  Can someone confirm if this is true? Does the Chromecast handoff do it properly?


      I have a lot of issues with choppy video.  Both devices will eventually timeout and quit playing all together.  I have much more success playing video on my IPad across town at my office vs downstairs in my own house.  Signal strength is full on the WiFi network in my kitchen so I am wondering if the weak link is my IPhone being stuck in the middle of the conversation.

      Thanks in advance for the advice!