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    Slingbox randomly stops working.

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      My sling box has worked fine for months and then recently when I go to watch through my Roku, I get a blue screen that says weak or no video signal connected.  My sling box is connected with component cables not hdmi,  to directv box. The problem is, I really don't understand how to use the remote control.  When I initially set it up, which I've done a couple of times,  It works fine, the remote works etc. I have always been able to use my Roku box at home in another room, and my roku box at a vacation house.  But then It stops working.  I can't even check my sling box settings to make sure it's on the same network as the roku because the box doesn't respond.  I really don't want to have to reset the box and go through the setup everytime  I want to watch news in the kitchen.  Does anyone else have this problem?  And does anyone know what might help?  Thanks!