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    What is wrong with my home network?

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      My Slingbox is in the UK.  It works fine.  I have checked it in my own home there and in my neighbors' home, both on laptop and iPhone, through Wifi and 3G.

      Here in Florida, our iPhones can connect with the UK Slingbox and get a reasonable picture, just as long as they are not connected to our Wifi network. 


      I have several devices connected to my home network, not one of which is able to get a working Slingbox signal.  They find the machine in the directory and attempt to connect, but nothing.

      Our cellphones can connect, and my son who lives out West cab get a connection through his home network.


      So, the problem appears to be our home network here.  Our ISP is Comcast/XFINITY.  Are there any known issues?



      To make matters worse, we have a Belkin V1000 attached to a separate satellite receiver in the UK.  It works fine on all our devices anywhere!  Any thoughts, anyone?

      Thank you in advance