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    PQ / Bitrate when chromecasting

    quick Newbie

      Am I the only one that is really disappointed with the picture quality when chromecasting??


      The video is low bitrate, it's not horrible but its no where near where it should be IMO. I'm not sure where the limitation is... especially when both devices are on the same fast home network...


      I went out to buy a M1 to replace my slingbox pro-hd just for this feature, and I was getting better quality mirroring my phone's screen to the chromecast with the sling player mobile running on my phone...


      I really hope they are planning to increase the bitrates when chromecasting... if this is as good as its going to get then I pretty much wasted my money upgrading...

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hi quick,


          Thank you for posting to the Community. It's unfortunate that you are having video quality issues when streaming to the Chromecast. When the video is poor, the main culprit is the network speeds. What are the network speeds at both the home location and the remote location?


          How the Slingbox/SlingPlayer and Chromecast work together. The video signal is initiated by SlingPlayer, then handed off to the Chromecast to make a connection with the Slingbox. SlingPlayer also maintains a separate connection with the Slingbox to send IR commands. For the best video quality, make sure that both your mobile device and Chromecast have a good Wi-Fi signal available. Anytime the Wi-Fi signal isn't so good, performance may suffer. Also, you must keep SlingPlayer running in the foreground until it has established a connection with Chromecast. After the connection is established, you can put SlingPlayer in the background by going to another app.


          Hope this helps,



          Sling Media Moderation Team