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    slingbox app for my Samsung tablet appears to have been compromized what can be done to reload without paying a second time

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      The app for my Samsung tablet was procured and downloaded a few weeks ago.  The system was working fine be fere we started our trip and for the first week of our trip to Italy. After moving to our new hotel we found that we were not able to connect to our account.  It a pears to me that the user name and password are note being recognized by themail system.  My wife however can access our slingbox system using the same information with no problem with her Ipad.  I believe therfore that the app on my tablet has been compromized some how.  Has anyone in this group had this type of problem?  Any suggestions on how to resolve the problem?  If I deleat the app and reload could that fix the iterface?  If I do that how can I be sure I do not have to pay for the app a second time?.