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    Wrong account names being displayed

    BobShanghai Newbie
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      For both of my Sling accounts, when logging in with Slingplayer desktop (ver, the wrong account name is displayed in the top bar of the sling window. This problem started today (24/25 September). It is happening on multiple computers. Never seen this happen before over many years of Sling use. Instead of showing the correct account names, it displays AC65xxxx (the x's are numbers which are different depending on which account I have logged into). At the moment that the Slingplayer desktop program is opened, the correct name is displayed, but changes after about 5 seconds to display the wrong name.

      Even though the wrong account name is displayed, the correct Sling devices (for my accounts) are shown and connect fine.

      Checked with the latest Slingplayer desktop and with Android player, both appear to display the correct account name.

      Seems that something is wrong at Sling. Maybe due to the changes being made over the last few days.