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    Sling Player or Chromecast Crashing??

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      Hi everyone.  I saw the topic on the 4:3 ratio some of you are experiencing but luckily I haven't had that issue.  My issue is about crashing and chromecast.


      Does anyone else have a problem with the app and/or chromecast constantly crashing?  Sometimes it will work for 20 minutes and sometimes it will work for 30 seconds.  It works fine on my PC so it isn't the connection to the cable box which speeds are a doubled T1 @ consistent 3mbps upload and download on the phone/chromecast side is 31mbps.  The router the phone is connected to is a new netgear X6 AC router, even though it is only connecting through 2.4ghz.  Is the 3mbps upload the culprit??




      I will be sitting there watching and it will go back to the chromecast home screen.  Then look at my phone and it says I need to connect.  So it is losing the connection somehow.  Possibly the app is crashing every time?


      I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled to no avail.



      The only other issues I have is how the app doesn't always recognize there is a chromecast on the network.  So I have to shut it down and restart the program.  This happens sometimes before or after the crash happens.   Also, it's annoying how the upon start up, the default quality is always SQ even though I switched it to Auto or HQ in my settings.  Is there a reason it isn't set to Auto if that is what is in my settings?



      I love how they have integrated with Chromecast, but it seems there needs to be some bugs worked out unless I am the only one having the problem but it seems I am not from reading around on the net.



      My specs are:

      Slingbox 500 connected through component to cable box.

      Cable Box is on 3mbps up and down constant T1

      Slingbox is connected directly to patch panel which is not behind a firewall.

      Sling Player is on my LG G2 phone connected to Netgear X6 Nighthawk router and speedtest shows 31mbps down and 4 mbps up.

      Chromecast connected to same router.

      All firmware/software versions are up to date.





      Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong?









      I'm convinced at this point that it is a buggy app when trying to output to the chromecast. 


      I tried a few times this morning to get it to connect and it would but then disconnect after a minute or two.  However, if I stream to my phone and then cast to the chromecast via the cast screen under the chromecast app it will stream just fine and hold a connection. 



      If anyone else has any ideas about this, please let me know.  Otherwise, I guess I will just wait until we get an update on the app. 

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          I have had similar issues. I normally stream to my desktop when it is an option because of this


          As a short term solution, I have found that if you kill the app right after the chromecast gains signal from the slingplayer, that it will steam clearer and crash a lot less frequently.


          I personally am a little disappointed though, because I only bought a slingplayer because of chromecast support, and thus far it has been a pretty terrible exerience

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            sakisson Novice

            Hi, I suppose that youtube or Netflix works fine on your network when casting, have you tried to change the wifi channels to ( 1, 6 or 11 ) on your router ? and in yoru case I would contact my ISP to find out if there a IP network lease issue and from time to time the router requires a confirmation and reinitialize the connection between the router and the chromecast > I think a view of the log files of the router will tell you a lot ...