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    My Slingbox M1 Remote Does Work!


      I tried to add this to my original post but kept getting an error message.





      This is how I solved my Slingbox M1 issue.


      First everyone gave great advise but I had already performed everything they recommended and you should as well.


      The issue for me was regarding the part of the set-up where you pick the manufacturer for the DVR. Initially I used the pick list route. Making selections from what Sling provided but I did not see  my receiver.


      I have the DIRECTV Genie HR44-500. I did some googling and found the manufacturer was HUMAX  but when I selected HUMAX I didn’t see any subsequent codes that made sense so I just made a best guess and the sling set up accepted it. I also did this for PACE and Samsung. Although I could see the picture of the current station fine on my iPhone the sling remote did not work.



      Finally the Fix


      During the set-up instead of using the pick list I did a search for the DVR manufacturer. HR44-500 did not come up but I saw DIRECTV and I picked it then the model I saw GENIE and selected it and Voila it worked.


      I hope this is helpful for someone out there and can save you a lot of time.