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    Enhanced Slingplayer for iPad - Missing Enhancements!

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      I cannot get any of the enhancements for Slingplayer iPad to work, including program gallery, social sharing and live sports stats.


      Background:  I just purchased and installed a new SlingTV and a new Channel Master DVR+.  I bought and installed Slingplayer for iPad.  All firmware for the SlingTV and CM DVR+ have been updated.  Both the SlingTV and CM DVR+ are connected to the internet via separate Ethernet cables to my router.


      Apple iPad Air model: MF010LL/A (64GB, WiFi, Verizon)

      iPad iOS: 8.0

      SlingTV Source: HDMI, Channel Master (composite and component connections are unconfigured)

      TV Source:  Over-the-air Antenna connected to Channel Master DVR+


      The Slingplayer works and controls the CM DVR+ just fine.  However, there are no enhancements.  On the menu bar at the bottom of Slingplayer, the only options are "Watch" and "Settings".  How do I get program gallery, social sharing and live sports stats to work?


      Is there something I'm doing wrong that I can't get any of these enhancements?